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A ll Business Printing and Design (ABPD) offers digital printing services for small and large business printing needs in Central Florida.  We specialize in finding the best source for what your business needs as it relates to printing.  Since ABPD uses only trade printers this gives them great flexibility to find the best source for whatever needs to be printed.
Buying Printing - Printshop VS. Broker
ABP is a printing & promotional products broker; I deal with only “Trade Printers” Why? All print shops can’t buy all the equipment needed to produce all types of printing jobs. Thus when they get a job that requires equipment that they don’t have they send it to another printer who has that equipment. Since they can’t send that job to another competitor, Trade shops were established. These are usually printers that specialize in a specific type of printing and only sell to printers, ad agencies, graphic designers and brokers but they don’t sell direct to the public.  They provide wholesale pricing and since they specialize their pricing is very completive. They can be local but depending on their “niche” these companies are located everywhere.
Larry Prill 'is' All Business Printing. Larry started All Business Printing after working for large business forms manufacturers in the 80's and 90's. As the business forms industry changed, Larry learned that there is no such thing as a single source of manufacturing for all varieties of printed material. Even though the printing company he worked for had 14 plants, their product niche was limited. Larry began using outside sources to find better pricing and turnaround. He learned that he could serve his customers better by offering the flexibility of shopping for the best source for their printing needs. In 1996, Larry started his own business, becoming an independent print distributor. Larry services all types of businesses from banks to hospitals to city government offices. His knowledge of the industry and a companies' specific niche is what makes All Business Printing unique.
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